Will be upgrading from a NW51SP8 server to a new server running (from the
install CD) NW65SP7 pre-migration server.

The source server has, destination 8.8SP2.

The source server is the master of the root for the tree. Other servers
(NW51SP8 as well and eDir have read/write replicas.

- Firstly, while I would normally do a full backup first this takes
overnight and I'd like to use the overnight to run the migration copy, so
that I can get the new server up and running faster and cut down on down
time. Is it relatively safe to skip the backup? If memory serves there's a
routine to reverse the migration if it should go faulty. However doesn't
the file system stay intact right until the end of the migration being a
success? Am I taking any real chance by not doing a full backup of the file

- How about eDirectory? I could run a backup of eDir using Arcserve, and
further protect with DSREPAIR -RC. What if I made one of the other NW51SP8
servers master of the root before doing the migration, is this necessary as
a further precaution or even possible? I'm thinking I can't do this since
eDir 8.8SP2 will be on the destination server, and believe you have to have
the master of the root upgraded first.

- Presume there's no issue running the migration wizard with the source
server having eDir and the destination pre-migration server having
eDir 8.8SP2?

Thanks in advance