Running NW65SP7, have 4 NICs and have thus far configured 2 of them, but for
some reason INETCFG is loading lots of other frame types other than the
ETHERNET_II that I use. The only BIND commands are for the ETHERNET_II
loads, so why is it bothering to load all those other frame types?

The commands show in INETCFG when you ask to view all the commands, and I
also see it when doing a CONFIG on the server console.

I came across some really old TIDs that say you have to blow away the board
in INETCFG and then readd it and reconfigure. I guess I can do this, but it
seems odd that there's no place in INETCFG to just get the LOAD commands out
(if I were using manual commands in the AUTOEXEC.NCF I could do it easily).

Anyway any help appreciated.

BTW while we're on this topic, is INETCFG still the method to use to
configure my LAN cards under NetWare 6.5 (just coming off NetWare 5.1)? I
see there's an option in REMOTE MANAGER but basically it's the same as
INETCFG. Is there another way?