Good evening, running NW65SP7, would like to setup zones as follows.

Office1's DNS server would handle and

Office 2 (remote site) DNS server would handle

Office 1's server and users are in eDir context OU=office1.O=companyname
Office 2's server and users are in eDir context OU=office2.O=companyname

The goal here is to be able to define internal DNS "A" records that apply to
the whole company regardless of office (so I'd set these up in zone), or apply to a particular office (so I'd set these
up in zone (or office2)), or in some cases there
would be an "A" record at the company level, but I may want to override it
with an "A" record at the office level.

What I'm wondering about is should I create the zone at
eDir context O=companyname, then the zone at
OU=office1.O=companyname, and the zone at
OU=office2.O=companyname? Can the DNS server at office1 deal with this?
Further how would the DNS server at office2 know about the parent to its'

Appreciate any tips, thanks