It there a reliable tool to manage - or at least to watch the status of
NCS 1.8 / OES2 64 bit?
And please don't tell me that iManager 2.7 is the solution for that.
It's terrible.
Is there a NCS 1.8 plugin for C1 - or something like that available?

Even if my cluster is up and all services are running I get iManager
Messages like that:
File Protocol error occurred: cannot open the NCS version file on he
selected cluster. The Cluster software may not currently be running
on this server
And I do not get it on one of the nodes - it's on all - and on all
servers outside the cluster.
I spent hours to find out, that it was because my Master IP address
resource was in "comatose" state.
Now i have the same message - because one of the resources (DHCP) canont
contact LDAP and does not startup correctly.

It's always if U need iManager the most - to look for problems or to
change something that's going wrong because of some errors or
misconfiguration - iManager is always the first that falls into "coma".
And not only with NCS - I have some really strange appearances with
iManager + iPrint also.

I really wish to have a reliable administration and monitoring tool for