Ok so here is the deal. We have a OES2 server on SLES10. It was workign great until one day a log file forced it out of diskspace(12GB file). The server crashed and when it came back up the gui would not start or anything.

We finally got the gnome to start but now ndsmanager says there is no instance of the server running and the server is no longer in the tree.

My question is 1.) How do we get NDS running on the box ( when we try to reinstall OES2 it acts liek it wants to upgrade not reinstall and 2.) How do we recover our NSS volume. _Admin doesnt exist and it seems nss wont even start which is prolly because lum/ edir not working.

I wish we could just remove OES2 product from the thing and reinstall from scratch but if we did that it would remove nss and we CANNOT lose that NSS data. I can still see the pool in evmsgui.