BM 3.8 / Nw 6.5SP6

Solved problem, just for the records.

To keep the leeking memory under control, we scheduled a brdstop and brdstart every weekend.

After last reload of BM, clients could no longer make VPN connections.

AUTHGW was nog loaded, and didn't stay loaded (although it load's with the green OK).

The logger screen reports:

Could not find the cert name
AUTHGW: Failed to acquire the VPN security keys.

The problem was solved through iManager:

In the NBM VPN Configuration / NBM VPN Server Configuration, it appeared that the Server Certificate field was empty.

I put the server certificate back in this field, loaded AUTHGW and everything works again.

Just thought to log this one, because I could find nothing on the string "Could not find the cert name" and AUTHGW.

Thomas Roes