I was reviewing the results of a migration I ran back in November from
NW51SP8 to NW65SP7, using Migration Wizard (latest version at the time...),
and while it ran well enough, I was reviewing the log for the file copy
session time so I can guesstimate how long the file copy session would take
on the next server that I'm doing (that's signifcantly longer), and I came
across 2 entries that I don't understand:

************************************************** ***************
End Project Options and Warnings.
************************************************** ***************

File size to be copied: 213,633 MB

File size to be copied: 17,449,878 MB

The Copy Volumes step has completed. You may repeat this step or you may
continue with the next step Edit Configuration Files or skip to Migrate NDS.
Once you start the Migrate NDS step you may not return to Copy Volumes.

************************************************** ***************
Process stopped date: 11/24/07 Time: 19:31:52
Elapsed time: Days: 0 Hours: 00 Minutes: 57 Seconds: 57
************************************************** ***************

Specifically the size to be copied, I did not have 208GB + 17,041GB to copy!
More like about 22.2GB total between all volumes.

Is it possible that the measurement is kilobytes (ie: they should show KB
instead of MB)? Even there it seems a smidge low, and I had 3 volumes to
copy, so why are there only 2 figures? Perhaps these figures are for
something else?

It's not that important as I got the info I needed (57 minutes) and based on
volume usage measurements I kept at the time I know it was for copying
22.2GB, just curious.