It's been awhile since I've setup BM SSL Authentication but I have a desire to configure this at my current site. Production servers are BM38+NW65SP6. Right now they are configured only for SSO/Client trust authentication. On my test server (BM37+NW6SP5), I configured SSL Authentication with a SSO timeout of 5 seconds. When the SSO fails, it attempts SSL and fails. I found TID 10095442 which explains that TLS 1.0 is not supported. Turning off TLS 1.0 allows SSL Authentication to function, but the people who run desktops here do not want to do this. I'm assuming this will never work with my current software setup, so does anybody know if this has been addressed with BM39? I've been holding off upgrading to BM39 due to all the problems I've read about slowness with SurfControl 6.1 and ACLCheck as well as TCP issues with SP7.