This happens at 2 different clients with 2 different host OS's. One is running OES 10.2 and the other is running Ubuntu Fiesty. Both are running VMWare server 1.0.4. When the host boots, the Netware 6.5.7 plus updates virtual machine starts to boot and gets to the point where Netware is up and it says (paraphrased) "Something about F8 or ESC to stop booting". It just sits there and doesn't go any further. Ctrl-Esc and Alt-Esc do nothing. Interestingly, I can do an Alt-Shift-Shift-Esc and get out to the debugger where I can (q)uit out to dos. I can even manually load server from the command line at that point but then it still hangs at the same place. I have to do a full (virtual) power off of the guest and then start it back up--at which point it works great.

I've posted a question in the VMWare forums--but Netware seems to be a strange beast to them so maybe someone here has an idea . . ?