I am trying to setup a SLES / OES Linux server for email (postfix, cyrus and mailman because they come with SLES and are hopefully more supported), getting users via LDAP from eDirectory.

I tried setting up the server to use LDAP to get users
Yast > Security and Users > User Management > Expert Options > Authentication and Users Sources > Configure > LDAP
But I get an error trying "Create Default Configuration Objects", the error is "Undefined attribute type".

I tried setting up the server for LUM, and that seems to have worked , but I do not know how to get postfix and cyrus to see the LUM users. Right now I have LUM enabled and can ssh into the server as an eDirectory users, but Cyrus does not allow the user to connect.

If I try to admin / configure the mail server via yast
( Yast > Network Services > Mail Server ) I get the error:

Missing LDAP features !
You must enable "Create Default Configuration Objects" in
"Advanced Configuration" of the "YaST2 LDAP-Client" module.

Which is where I started. Any suggestions?