I try to install LinuxShield on an OES 1 Server.

I did what the documentation tells to do.

I have created the nails user and the nailsgroup group and LUM enabled them.

When I install LS I get:

Enter the name of a Linux group for LinuxShield administration. [nails] nailsgroup
Enter the name of a Linux user for LinuxShield administration. [nails] nails
useradd: Unknown group `nailsgroup'.
What's the matter?

I tried to "cheat". So I install LS as it was not an OES 1 server (by creating locally the nailsgroup group). With this procedure installation is successful and I can log to the web agent using the edir nails user.
But, big problem, all files on the NSS volumes became unreadable! I had to stop the LS service to solve this issue.

Any idea?