For about 3 or 4 months now 3 of our OES 1 sp2 servers have not had any
updates to run. This seems odd to me because I get the e-mail
notifications that new updates are available for packages like bash for
the OES platform. The 3 servers are activated properly. They all have
the correct services listed for "rug sl". They are all subscribed for the
"oes" channel but if I run a "rug pl" it shows that all updates have been
installed and if I run "rug pin --entire-channel oes" it reports "No
patches to install". I even went as far as removing the /var/cache/rcd
directory, unsubscribing services, deleting channels, uninstalling rug/rcd
and then redoing everything but still says I have no updates to apply.

Any idea as to what may be happening?