I have a new situation where random users will suddenly drop their
connections to mapped drives to certain clustered resources. If you open the
Novell Connections dialog during such an episode, the tree object still
appears but root replica and SLP servers that may have been connected have
vanished along with some clustered resources. After anywhere from 5 seconds
to 45, the servers reappear and the mapped drives become accessible again.
If I look at my connections when a user says they have the problem, the root
master and one slp server are gone. If I try to access an edir object in
ConsoleOne at that time, I cannot. When the root/slp machines reappear, it
works. Others in the tree do not seem to have this issue. I have one of, if
not the only, cluster that is actively used, so if it related to cluster
resources, it's not surprising. Users have varying client versions from 4.90
to the latest with all post-SP patches. They are geographically diverse.
Servers are NW6.5SP7. Edir is ftf3.

Erick Larson
Perkins Library