We currently have BM38SP5 running on seven building servers, NW65SP5 on
four, NW65SP7 on the junior high and this building (district office) which
was applied over the weekend. Also applied the BM IR as recommended from
Craig's list, and yes, the server's did start abending when users came back
this morning, so I installed the latest TCPIP and Winsock patches and all
seems well for the last couple of hours.
The reason I'm asking for assistance is that the Internet at our junior high
school slows to a crawl around the noon hour when we have a group of
students working in the 7th/8th grade lab. As the tech teacher put it, a
14.7 modem would be faster. It hasn't always been this way, though.
This, to my best recollection, just started since the first of the year
after I began blocking all port 80 traffic through filtering at the server,
forcing the use of the proxy and attempting to kill those who found they
could get a direct connection via FireFox (we have an IE registry file that
runs at login to set the proxy on it). It was also about this time that I
found that our CIPA Internet filter was not working as it should be and
corrected that problem and now they can't get to YouTube which created quite
a stir for a couple of teachers that just had to have it for their classes.
So, although today should tell the tale if the patches help (along with
Craig's proxy.cfg), or if there still is a problem.
Could filtering out all port 80 traffic using the www-http and www-http-st
filters from the private to the public interface and from the public to the
private interface affected the proxy's performance? Or is there possibly
another problem? Or we just needed to update BM/TCPIP/Winsock?
In addition, we have our CIPA filter running on a Linux box here at the
district office and have each BM server pointed to it via the cache
hierarchy client. If an URL is a 'hit', then a denied message is displayed,
otherwise the BM proxy goes ahead and retrieves the web site. Could this
create a substantial slow down?
Thank you for your time and consideration, I apologize for the lengthy