ok i have tried several different approaches to this, and i am grateful
for all the help i get here. here is what i have to accomplish. i have a
dorm that we supply internet for, but it has come to our attention that
all traffic in and out if this dorm needs to be tracked. i was working
with HTTP authentication and transparent proxy, but there is a hangup
with it not using the ip address, and using the server name, so that got
me working on how to work around that issue, in the process i was
thinking, what if they are not using HTTP, what about other traffic such
as ftp or bit torrent etc. how do i log this traffic? will it also use
the authentication settings for the proxies so that i get users names
too? where do i setup and tell NBM to capture these logs for ALL traffic
in and out of this area? am i barking up the wrong tree? should i be
using something else? do i set a rule that says all ports and log hits?
we really don't want to restrict pages (maybe just a few known sites) we
want the students to have fairly free roam of the internet, but we also
need to be able to tell who is doing what. i am in serious need of
advice here, i want to stay with Novell, but maybe this is not the best
plan action, maybe i need to look elsewhere, or maybe i just really need
some guidance....