Installed the Linux beta version in a GroupWise 7.02 environment. The GMS
server is in the DMZ but I opened all ports between the GMS and the Internet
and GMS and the POA server (POA and MTA only). I got the client to load on a
treo 755 running palm software. The client installs and when I start a sync
I see a set of messages in the mobilegateway_user.log stating that
"Synchronization started [myID]" no errors just a lot of {no changes} after
each task or line. But when I check the phone or a PC using
http://GMS/webpim I do not see any emails, contact or such.

I created a calendar entry in the webpim and saved it. The Webpim shows the
entry and the phone shows the entry, but GroupWise does not. I sent an email
from the webpim also and it shows in the sent folder on the webpim page but
not on the phone or GroupWise and the email was not recovered by the

I can telnet to the POA (telnet mail1 7191 and see the server ID it's self.
I see the users authenticate on the POA log screen. All ports are open.

I do have an issue with the SSL and not connecting when turned on, so at
this time I have it turned off.
Does the GWIA play a part in this system and if so what is needed for it?

Any help would be appreciated