We're trying to setup a terminal server environment again using Windows 2003
and ZFD 7. I've been fighting for quite some time trying to get workstation
associated applications working. If I login to the terminal server as any
kind of admin user (either local admin or network admin), I get workstation
associated apps, and the workstation helper services shows that it's running
and connected. If I login as a limited-rights user ("Users" group), the
workstation helper does not connect. If I have an admin session open first,
all other limited users will successfully connect to the workstation helper
service. I've enabled debugging, traced processes and registry/file access,
and nothing really stands out.

I've found only one other issue like this in the ZFD 6.5 forums. The user
there said that upgrading to a ZFD 7 SP1 agent fixed thie issue. I've tried
several SP1 IR Agents, with no luck. Currently, I'm using the ZFD 7 SP1 IR
2 agent.

Any ideas??