My servers are all at 6.5 SP6 running ZFD 7x.

We're a public schoold district and I've run (with no problem) group policies for all of our students for years. I lock them down pretty tightly - Very little on the start menu, no C: drive access, no control panel or network neighborhood etc..... Well, we map a folder called ZFD to everyone which provides a sub folder called GrpPol. This is the folder that houses all of the group policies for different users.

So the problem started when we learned of some "over zealous" students who were tampering (or attempting to tamper) with some folders within the ZFD. They couldn't do anything anyway, but to quell some nervous administrators, I removed rights to the directory. I forgot that they probably would need to have rights to get their policies. Well, as expected, when they logon now, they can access all of their start menu items and apps, see the C: drive, get to network resources and wallpaper etc... Okay so no big deal, right?? just give them rights back so that the policies force back down...

Well, I restored what I thought were all the rights they need. R and F to the ZFD / GrpPol directories, but after 3 to 4 reboots, still they see everything.

Keep in mind, there have been no changes in the group policies themselves.

any help is appreciated.