Dear All,

I hope someone can help me out! First let say thanks for any respond.

Problem: We have a Bordermanager running with 130 rules in it. All this rules are in filtcfg, have already created a backup of this file. When we change a rule lets say: allow any from private to public for client --> change to also change the note for this rule then we save the filter succesfully but when we open the rule again it is in old state. So nothing has been changed.

Next step for me was to delete the filtcfg, do a filtsrv migrate and a reinitialize system. Filtcfg became empty. Copy my backup filtcfg back to original location and run filtcfg migrate and reinitialize system again. Now all the filters have been restored. But problem still occurs.

Next step deleted the filtcfg file again but also the filters in Edirectory --> NBMRuleContainer. Run filtsrv migrate and reinitialize system again. So now everything was deleted. Copy my backup filtcfg file back and run the migrate again. All the filters have been created succesfully, also in Edir. But problem still occurs.

Next step was to also remove the NBMRuleContainer. But then it was not possible for me to migrate again because the container was removed. Restore it from a backup and then migrate completed. But i still have my probem.

Conclusion: i think the NBMRuleContainer is corrupt.

Question: Does anyone have the same problem, maybe someone can provide me a solution to resolve this problem in a easy way.

Thanks and regards,

Anton van Pelt