This is highly frustrating. I spent much of last week convincing the
"powers that be" with my company that we need to download this, and
evaluate it. I succeeded, and we fully intend on buying, assuming it
does what it appears to do. We're a small, but long time Novell customer.

So, the owner gives the go-ahead, and wants to know when it'll be ready.
I told him that after reading the docs, watching the chalktalk videos,
etc, that I could probably have the server ready in a couple of days
(Tuesday/Wednesday), we'd take a couple of days (Thursday/Frida) to look
over the software, and train the trial group on Monday.

Of course, I've totally wasted the first day of that time period trying
to figure out how to get the license-key.xml file. The scary part of it
is, the full day has gone by, and even though I've gotten a couple of
responses, they all point to the same Novell web pages that don't work.
Apparently this has been a problem since at least the 6th of this month
(see and looks to be a
problem with something that changed after Novell set up SP1.

Is anyone at Novell reading this? Does anyone at Novell care that it
appears their new product cannot be downloaded for evaluation?