OK, this may turn out to be quite a complicate post, so get a coffee and make yourself comfortable.

We had Zen Inventory (ZI) installed and running nicely (all netware servers). We have a server at out main IT site (called CEDAR) which we had as the root (with machines attached) and all other site servers were leaf servers (with databases and machines attached) that rolled up to the main server here. For some reason I decided that the site server here should be a leaf server like all the others and all ZI servers would rollup to another server (netware, lets call this ZEUS) that we have on site (actually our ZFS Distributor). So, we installed ZI on this server, and then re-installed ZI on our site server (cant change a server role from Root to Leaf, so re-install needed). Now everything seem to be running fine, although nothing has rolled up yet, I am hoping that happens tomorrow (its the day we run the inventory on the PCs). However, the anomaly Im seeing is this: In console one, if you view any of the Inventory Service objects in Uptree View, you see a site server (lets call it BUBBLE) with the links to its own database, then the link from BUBBLE to ZEUS which in turn has a link to its own database (Inventory Database_ZEUS). Which is how it should be. (see Image here). Now if we look at the same view for CEDAR (ex root server, now a leaf server) it looks the same except, ZEUS (new root server) points back to CEDARs database instead of its own (see Image Here). All other sites servers are the same as BUBBLE, only CEDAR has this problem.

Anyone got any ideas on this one?