My environment:
DB SQL on Win2003 Server and 3 Primary Servers on SLES 10 Sp1.

System Update Status: Update for ZCM (10.0.2).... Type=Zenworks Server and

Release Details: Target Type=Workstation on all files (59)
MSI files has path = ${ZENWORKS_HOME}\work\system-update\10_0_2\
linuxfiles has nothing in path

When i apply update (Ive tryed 5 times with different suggestions from
forums) my linuxservers stucks i Pending because they cant find soursefiles
(and there are no folder /var/opt/novell/zenworks/work om my sles10sp1
primary servers)
My Workstations however has msi-files in
%PrograFiles%\Novell\Zenworks\work\system-update\10_0_2\ and reports sucess
(the inventory module says 10.0.2 wich is the right behavier for an agent
update i guess).

It seems to me that the system confusing servers and workstations.
Why does System update Status says Type=Zenworks Server and
Platform=Windows?, isnt it suppose to update primary servers on SLES.
Why does Release details says Target type = Workstation?
Why has the linuxfiles no path?

Thanks /Magnus