I seem to have created a problem with my raid. I had a raid5 with 5 drives, added 1 drive 6 months later. The drive was installed late in the day so I was jumping through the menus quickly. I managed to create it as a raid0. I added the space to the volume without notice.

Now I have just added another 3 drives to the system and it was created as an additional raid5. All storage was added to the volume.

My question...If i want to remove the raid0 drive and re-add it back as raid5...Will this only kill the Data volume or sys as well. My specs are Compaq server, 5312 raid controller, NW6.5 sp7, NSS for SYS and Data originally setup on the RAID5 (5 drives) then expanded on to the new 4 drives.

From what I am reading, I believe this will only destroy the Data volume as the Raid0 drive was added via pool and NSS to Data, not to Sys during expansion.

Your thoughts??