It was meant to be so easy. Just boot from the SLES10 SP1 media, select
upgrade, addon product OES2, and off you go.

I am stuck with 23 unresolvable conflicts, and the darn thing does not
even give me a chance to store the conflicts list on my USB stick !!

I see messages like "There are no installable providers for novell-
ncpserv and similar core components.

Yes, i have used the same set of disks before, but only to install from
scratch. Where are the days when an upgrade went smoothly ??

So rather than rant, my questions:
*) how can I export the conflicts list to a USB stick; I have no option
to mount it (no shell) and it does not automount ( server is ML 370 G2
with 3 GB of RAM and a Smart Array controller?

*) Has anyone performed a successful inline upgrade from OES1 SLES9 to
OES2 SLES10SP1 without tons of conflicts ?

Thanks for your feedback