I recently upgraded four of our six 5.1sp8 servers (which were working
fine!) to 6.5sp6 using the overlay CD. The first two upgrades went fine but
after the next two were upgraded we experienced a very slow network, users
unable to access network programs, unable to login, to name a few.
Synchronization status shows that on the last two servers the Partitions and
Replicas are out of sync. I spent days and days researching but finally had
to open a Service Request with Novell (wouldn't you know the prices had
increased by $100.00 that very day!). They assigned me a tech that dealt
only in nds (from what I can gather). He has spent the last two days
running the same dstrace commands that I had already done, with the same
results. He advised me that I would have to upgrade the remaining two
servers (GroupWise and BorderManager) and that would fix it. I thought the
two versions played well together? I upgraded GW.. no change.
BorderManager is going to be a bigger job and I have to wait. In the mean
time, my network is a mess, I have to keep setting the heartbeat just to
keep things going (at a snail's pace) I don't want to wait another week
(which was suggested by Novell, assuming I would upgrade those servers and
that would cure it). Duplex is set to auto on all servers and switches and
working fine.. isn't there something else that would cause the slow down?
We are, well... almost desperate. Any suggestions would be greatly