I have been having this problem for about 3-4 weeks now. Approximately once a day, the server hangs. Network connectivity goes down, and at the server console, you can switch between screens but everything is frozen. As soon as you type something into the console and hit enter, the console is frozen as well. The abend log is empty. the only way I know of to restart it is to hard reset.

This problem only occurs Mon-Fri (production days) and it happens at completely random times of the day.

This is a Proliant ML350 G5. I have all firmware up to date as of last week, and I have the latest Proliant support pack installed (7.91) I tried back-revving to 7.80 and there was no change. The problem started happening around the time that I installed a new RAID controller and tape drive, so I tried removing them completely from the system, and still no change.

What are my next steps?