How do I turning off level 2 oplocks?

I know the file to edit is /opt/novell/nss/conf/nssstart.cfg

# Command: Level2OpLocksEnabled
# Description: Allow or Disallow level 2 (shared) oplocks.
# Default: OFF
# Legal Values: ON-OFF
# Example: /NoLevel2OpLocksEnabled

But what do I put for the value? Is the the right syntax? Or just remove the # good enough as it's the default value?


The reason I am asking is a I have a dos base application that runs of the network and multi users use the same .exe, config files. Randomly the server stops them for starting it. The first person can launch it but no one else. But when it's working ok there could be as many as 10 users at once using the same .exe with no problem. But other times only the first person can. Once they close down the app someone else can use it but no one else until then close it down.