We're planning on virtualizing our netware 6 SP5 servers to VMware esx 3.5 with a NetApp 3020c as iSCSI SAN.

We've got the P2V part under control by using portlock for transferring the DOS-boot and SYS-volume to the VM on the VMFS-volume. We were however planning on using the software iSCSI initiator for netware to present our DATA-volumes to the netware OS.

Now we're having a couple of problems and issues with this migration :

- We somehow have to get the data (with all the attributes, quota's, trustees, rights, IRM's, etc) from the current local DATA-volume to the new DATA-volume on the SAN. We tested a couple of tools and settled on the CNW Commander for this task. This seems to work great except for locked files and files that start with "..". Any ideas to also get the locked files copied over? Maybe disable the logins on the server but will this also work when a user accesses the files via netstorage or webdav?

-When the data is all there on the new DATA-volume (let's call this DATA2 for the moment) we have to replace the old DATA-volume with the new one. What's the best way to do this? We were thinking of using nssmu to rename the old DATA-volume to something like DATA3 and to rename the new DATA-volume from DATA2 to DATA. Is this in any way a tricky operation (for example homedir-attributes that follow the old DATA-volume name to DATA3?) or is this the way to do it? I've also read something about renaming the DATA-volumes and then using dsrepair to do a volume repair to link the new DATA-volume to the DATA-volume object in NDS because using the ALT-F8 option from nssmu could be deadly for attributes that point to the volume object.

Any tips on this are welcome.