OK, I am new to OES and Linux for that fact. I have been thinking how I
can plan the deployment of User rights for the OES Linux boxes.

I know that I can just use NetWare rights to NSS volumes and local
security rights for the Linux system. I would like to plan this so
everything works well together. I have certain objectives.

1. I need the Linux box to have the ability to access files
(Read/Write/Create) on a NetWare volume of another server. What would be
the best way to setup rights for this? Is there a way for the Linux box
to natively access the NetWare server via NCP? Will I have to put the
Unix FS on the NetWare box?

2. Access for our administrators. Should I just setup local accounts or
use LDAP. I think LDAP is the more secure way but I'm not sure how to go
about it. Are there any good TIDs or Cool Solutions on this?

3. Samba - Is this a better solution for local access to the Linux box
or is this for for network access?

4. I need to have the ability for the Linux box to backup the Windows
and NetWare environments. How do credentials and access work in this
instance. We will be using ArcServe 11.5 for Linux on the OES2 box.

I guess I am just trying to understand all the relationships between the
different authentication system. I would like eDir to run them all if


John Jakus