We are in the process of migrating one of our servers from some older hardware to new hardware and are installing a Netware server in a XEN (SLES 10SP1) virtual machine. This server will be running an accounting package on the server that requires Pervasive 9. We have installed Pervasive 9 and installed the updates/patches to it. When we go into the pervasive control center from a workstation and attempt to connect to the databases residing on the server, we are getting errors that they cannot be accessed. Even the demodata database that gets installed when installing pervasive cannot be accessed. We have checked and Pervasive 9 is supposed to be supported on XEN. Is anybody using Pervasive in an XEN Netware environment, and what did you have to do to get it working properly? (the stress test pass without any errors)

Thanks in advance for any information.