- NOWS SBE SP1, NCP share enabled (volume on ReiserFS)
- WinXP SP2 +full pached workstations, Symantec NIS 2008
- Novell Client 4.91 SP 4 OR 4.91 SP 3 (comes with NOWS SBE SP1), no post-SP patches installed
- Using mapped network drive
- Ms Office 2003 with OR without SP3
- some workstation has GroupWise 7.02 client installed, some of them software integration enabled with MS Office
- the worstation installation (novell client, groupwise client) performed mainly using Remote Desktop
- The group containing all of workstation's NDS users has all right to the NCP volume except supervisory


- Workstations hang when users try to save back a .doc or an .xls file from the Office 2003 application to the server, when it was opened directly from the server. If they edit a file locally, they can save it and copy the new file ower the old one to the server without any problem.

- With Open Office there is no problem saving files directly back to the server at all.

Results of tests:

- Examining the result of the saving after the hang ocoour, there are 3 files:
- The original file: File_name.doc
- The edited file: ~WRD0001.tmp
- A new file: ~$le_name.doc: This is ALWAYS 162 bytes long

- There is no changes:
- if Nocell Client 4.91 SP4 OR 4.91 SP3 used,
- if workstation with or without GroupWise 7.02 client installed,
- if GroupWise client installed with or without software integration with Ms Office apps
- if Office 2003 with or without SP3 used

- All test ran using Remote Desktop

Resolution: ?

- Has anybody find this error yet?
- Some idea to resolv it?