First I have been using Novell products since the 3.12 days. I fight very hard to keep our shop Novell only. How many places do you know that are Novell only, not one Windows "server"?

  1. NDS / eDirectory - The past 7 Brainshares we've been told how Novell is all about eDirectory and identity... Teaming does not integrate with eDirectory it trys to sync with LDAP and in my opinion this is NOT integrating. Yes you can say it is leveraging existing identities but there is no simple way from an eDirectory point of view to manage Teaming users. Look how iFolder 2 and GroupWise Instant Messaging are integrated into eDirectory. In my opinion if you are not adjusting the schema you are not integrating. I understand not everything needs to adjust the schema but this should if it where integrated.
  2. GroupWise email - No it does not integrate with GroupWise. Yes you can create a GroupWise user and pass mail back and forth. No this is not integration. If it were integrated I would see email; calendar, mine and teams; tasks, mine and teams; from any client including GroupWise WebAccess. Read more here.
  3. GroupWise Instant Messaging - No it does not integrate with GroupWise Instant Messaging so if you have spent any time effort deploying and setting up GWIM then be aware that this product has no idea about GWIM You can read more here...
  4. iFolder - No it does not integrate with iFolder. See this post. I think this would be great sitting on top of an iFolder server, just my opinion.
  5. Administration is horrible like many products from Novell no administration integration, not a slam just a fact. NWAdmin great for smaller sites, ConSlow One name says it all, iManager if you are not in a hurry and don't have GroupWise products or now Teaming products. So lets wrap the iManager plugins and make them portlets for Teaming? Do away with the iManager framework and just write portlets for management in the future?
  6. Documentation is lacking a lot. If you are trying to install this make sure you read the GroupWise docs because even though it does not integrate, in my opinion, there are some better docs there.

Here is some more constructive criticism...

So in my opinion if you want a product like this just go get the / an open source portal frame work that is LDAP aware and knows how to do SMTP and you are set. Wait for rev 2? Either way I recommend not spending money here yet I think the current release of this product is not worthy of Novells name on it.