Hi folks..

I need to know how to add a static route that remains on the system after a reboot. I've added it exactly how I want it using TCPCON, but i'm lead to believe that any routes manually added through TCPCON are lost after a reboot.

The reason I used TCPCON is that it allows me to specify the interface and the mask that I wish to apply the route to - something I can't (or at least don't think I can) do at boot on the BIND IP lines...

The static route i've applied is working just how I want it - the details are as follows:

Next Hop:
Type: remote
Interface: 2
Protocol: netmgmt
Cost: 1

I was going to just add the static route to the SYS:/ETC/GATEWAYS file but couldn't find ANY documentation on the full syntax available in that file - and most importantly whether I could specify an interface!