We have just installed Zenworks Configuration Management with the following config:

Server OS SLES 10 SP1
Zen 10.0.1
User source eDirectory
Client OS Vista
ZENworks is installed on 2 servers one is a primary and the other is part of the same Zone.
We have created our own certificates of authority using the instructions from novell and using eDirectory to create them.

Ok the problem i am having is once we have our users sources configured and the Zen Agent installed from the server on the client PCs. I am unable to log into ZENworks with a user. I log into the client PC as a local user and then i get the ZENworks log in screen. Enter a user thats in the user source (the same user can log into the network on a different pc not running ZCM) and i get an error message saying the following:

Windows Security Message

The system could not log you into the network. Possible Causes might be:

-incorrect username or password
-blank password
-incorrect connection information
-expired password
-invalid server certificate
-the workstation is disconnected from the network

What every i put in it doesnt let me log into ZEnworks. So i cancel this login box and go into windows as just a local account and try and manully login using the ZEN agent on the task bar. This gives the same error message plus the following:

ZENworks - User Authentication Failure

User authentication failed during a refresh.
User application will not be available.

This may occur if the user's password is changed or
if the user is deleted from the user source.

The users have no Policys or Bundles applied to them.

Also the PC does have the novell client on and i can login into the network via that but still get the same issue with ZENworks so i know the PCs will connect to the network.

I have had a look through some of the other threads and looked at the

Also: Troubleshooting Agent login problems
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and they dont seem to help me.

Can anyone help.