One of our clients has encountered a problem when accessing a certain page on the following site using BM 3.7 SP3 (with all field patches installed).


They click on the link Track an Application Online and it redirects them to the following page:

It will try to load the page but will then display ĎStatus: 504 Gateway Time-Outí. This happens using IE6 and firefox If the page is accessed without using the proxy it loads fine.

Iíve tried adding the pages to the Non-cacheable URL Patterns List with Read-Ahead disabled but this had no effect.

Iíve also tried accessing the same page using our proxy server (BM 3.8 SP5) and it gives the same result. I have tried changing our proxyís listening port to 8888 and this also had no effect, thinking the problem may relate to the 8080 listening port of the website.

Any ideas?