Product: Novell OES 1 for Linux

We have set up NetStorage's Middle tier server in cookieless mode, here's its general settings:

Proxy username = <BLANK>
Proxy password=<BLANK>
Session Timeout = 600
Janitor Interval = 320
Cookieless = 1
Persistent Cookies=0
LDAP Port = 636

We're using NetStorage to allow a search engine crawl and index securely documents stored in Novell FS. Search engine requires "pure" HTTP basic authentication, i.e. without cookies.

However we've noticed after the crawler accesses a few hundred documents, NetStorage starts to rejects subsequent requests. Looking at the "Current Session" report we've noticed that one of the XTier daemons is "full" with entries for user "admin.oeshiper.෻饪 ", even though the crawler utilises another username. Example of an entry

Name: admin.oeshiper.෻饪
Id: 101000119010001
Address: <BLANK>
Login Time: Thu, 21 Feb 2008 15:47:54 GMT
Requests Serviced : 0
Last Request Time : Thu, 21 Feb 2008 15:47:54

These entries NEVER get clear by the Janitor process, one needs to restart teh XSRVD process to restart it.

Any ideas of what is going wrong??