We have noticed GPO weirdness at our school.(K-12) We are running NW65SP5, ZFD 7.01 IR1, WinXP SP2 (no firewall) NWC 4.91 SP4 (Post Sp4 applied). We are using C1.36h to edit GPO's stored to a unc path on our server as we have since zfd3. The weirdness comes in when we edit the IE7 Maint. settings area. We find that every so often the GPO editor will hang for up to 10 minutes closing the editor when its storing the policies back to the server. When that happens the users who are associated to that container/policy notice a freeze or hang on their workstation at every login. Winlogon.exe will shoot to 90+% and freeze out all mouse keyboard action for up to 2 minutes. If we go back into the policy and continually open/close it until the policy editor closes fast the problem fixes itself. Has anyone else experienced this issue? We have tested network/server issues to verify it is not a problem with the network. No one is at our school this week so our utilization is zero and we still see this issue. It took us forever to troubleshoot but has effected all our policies at one time or another. We have admin/student/office and teacher polices. Some have a few settings some many, it doesn't matter. We have used several different machines with bare minimum software to make sure the policies were not effected buy other programs running. We have only used C1.36h, but as far as I know there are no issues. Anyone having this issue?

John Z.