We're planning to do a migration to ESX 3.5 (as explained in my previous thread) and are going to use the software iSCSI initiator from within Netware to connect to the SAN-storage. Just a general question : how stable is the software iSCSI initiator for Netware or are there any problems we could expect or should take into acount?

Netware specs :
Netware 6 SP5 using iSCSI1SP1 version june 2004

SAN specs :
NetApp 3020c and all the lun's are specifically set to the type "netware" to ensure compatibility.

We were also planning to use 2 nics on the VM, 1 for iSCSI and 1 for LAN. Is there anyway to specifically bind the software iSCSI initiator to a specific nic?

Thanks for all the info.