I'm trying to upgrade our ZEN 7 SP1 to the SP1 IR1 code.

Unfortunately the install gets most of the way through and then bombs
out with this in the error log:

Pre-install steps completed successfully
InvDB components NOT installed on CS1-SERVER
Error: There was an error installing ZENworks Desktop Management on CS1-
SERVER. Error: An error occured during file copy or configuration. See
above for more details and be sure that no ZENworks Desktop Management
files are open or locked.

I did notice on the first install screen, where it lists the components
that it does NOT check the box for InvDB (and you CANNOT check it).

Is that why?

Or is something else wrong?

I've verified that everything's shutdown on the server. Of course, it
doesn't tell you WHICH files, so I have no way to confirm that files
aren't "in-use"