I'm installing this all on one server, and had one mis-step. I don't
mind rebuilding (we have noting in it yet), but want to get some

I've assigned the one box 4 IP addresses: tac.o2lpm.com tacxml.o2lpm.com tacportal.o2lpm.com tacapp.o2lpm.com

I want the end result to be that when users use this system. They go to
http://tac.o2lpm.com, (on port 80), which will redirect them to the
appropriate host URL and port #.

I got confilcting information from the instructions and the chalktalk
video. The instructions for teaming seemed to be very insistent that the
port should be 8080 for teaming. The chalktalk said to set it for 80
(and 443 for secure instead of 8443). I'm assuming that it would be
better to leave it at 8080 and 8443, then redirect as I plan.

My questions though are:

When Conferencing asks for the portal name the users will use, do they
mean that it should be what they actually have to type in? or is the
"user" actually the Teaming piece? In other words, should I use
tacportal.o2lpm.com or tac.o2lpm.com?

When Teaming asks for the portal name the users will use, I'm assuming
(dangerous, I know) that it should be tac.o2lpm.com


On something of a side note, when Teaming asks for a dedicated folder,
on my installation it's defaulting to /opt/teaming, I'm assuming that's
because it's where I'm installing from. Is there a better "standard"
location (on SLES 10 sp1)?