Odd problem. I have a client that syncs contacts to palm desktop.. you
know because IS won't pick up existing clients on his phone and he's not
keen on updating 2200 contacts so IS can see they are "new".

He had a treo 600, and moved to a 755. We backed his stuff up, and then
sync'd desktop down to his 755. I then reinstalled intellisync. Now
contacts won't sync. I have checked to allow other conduits to sync and
what not, what happens is this. Hotsync says one or more may not have
sync'd the device may be out of memory... desktop 2250, handheld 0.
It's not seeing anything in the handheld. I suspect it may be locked.

I have memo's also going to palm desktop and those go fine.

If I delete the intellisync app from the palm then contacts sync to the
palm desktop again. I have this setup many places and it works fine.
Can't figure out what's up with this one. Tried upgrading him to palm
desktop 6.2 (yes there's a new one) and same problem occurs there.
It's not the pc half of the equation as I've nuked it all and
reinstalled, and besides deleting the main sync app off the palm allows
the desktop to sync contacts again.