Installation of Novell Conferencing went ok without problems or errors, but when I check status of services (./ status), i get this:
Status of Conferencing proxy: NOT RUNNING
I'm unable to connect (timed out, taking too long to respond) and /var/log/iic/proxyd. gives me this error:

22/02/08 11:10:25 + Starting IIC Proxy Server 1.1.1
22/02/08 11:10:25 + Connecting to, port 5222
22/02/08 11:10:25 - Would bind listening sockets to address
22/02/08 11:10:25 ! Error creating listening socket: Address already in use
22/02/08 11:10:25 + Terminating
Does this means, that something is running in port 5222? Command: lsof -i :5222 gives me nothing.