We are running Netware 6.5 and backing up with BE 9.0 for Netware to a HP 960 tapedrive. Things have been going along swimmingly, but recently the backup job has begun to report the error "file xxx\yyy\zzz.zzz is corrupt on media" for certain files and ending with a final repeat of the first error message and the job log showing Error. The files affected seem mostly to be files originally produced by our Macintosh users, any and all sorts ie indd jpg tif psd pdf and so on. The files don't seem to be damaged in any way and can be opened. Another odd thing is that the number of fles affected seems to be dropping in multiples of eight.
All this started the day after we had filled up the volume in question with a runaway copy and a. purged files to create more space b. removed the offending gigabytes c. added a new harddisk to the pool. I can't find any reference to the problem anywhere, but I may be asking the wrong questions.