We just discovered a TID (seems new) that says:
ZENworks 7 SP1 is not supported on eDirectory 8.8.2
Versions of ZENworks 7.x are not supported on eDirectory 8.8.2

What exactly does this mean? A couple months ago we installed about 10 new
Netware servers that were setup with the SP7 overlay CD. The SP7 overlay CD
installs eDir 8.8.2. Should we be worried?

This situation is just plain nuts given that SP7 has been out for over 4
months now. We gave Novell a couple months buffer before deploying new SP7
servers. That should have been enough time for Novell to get this TID out
the door regarding non-support of eDir 8.8.2. Plus, I would have thought
that Novell prevented this situation from occurring again, after the same
thing happened with ZEN7 (without SP1) and the eDir 8.8 original release.
Do the eDir and ZEN teams not work together anymore?