at first sorry for my bad English.

i am trying to sync my nokia n70 with groupwise and is doesn't work. I have the following tools:

- Windows XP with novell client (no administrator credentials available)
- Groupwise
- Groupwise mobile server/ intellisync mobile suite
- Nokia pc suite
- Nokia n70
- Bluetooth dongle

I have done all steps off the intellisync mobile suite and succesfully installed nokia pc suite. I can sync my mobile with pc suite but not with groupwise. I have set my "novell groupwise" profile as profile to sync. But that's were it is going wrong. When i open the "novell groupwise" profile i can't select a map to sync. PC suite gives the following warning: "PC Sync was unable to access a valid Outlook profile. Please run Outlook and configure your user profile."
The strange thing is that when i do the same steps on the computer of my colleague (OS: windows 2000) within his novell profile all works perfectly. The only different thing is that in his novell profile i can select the mail profile "novell default settings". In that profile i can see all maps like agenda, inbox, notes etc.
So it looks like it has something todo with my groupwise mailprofile. Can anyone tell me how to solve this problem?