We will be moving one of our Netware 6.5 sp6 servers to new hardware. This server has local volumes as well as several iscsi SAN volumes.

I've used an older migration utility before but never with SAN volumes. What is the best way to migrate this server to new hardware. Can you just mount the SAN volumes on the new hardware after a migration? Will it know about trustees, volume quotas and /or directory quotas?

I've looked through the migration docs and haven't seen anything regarding iscsi/SAN volumes.

I tried to use the Portlock Storage Manager software to do this. For that I removed the replica, created an image, restored the image, brought it online, then when I tried to add the replica back on the server it started abending. So, something must be corrupted and I don't know what. Which is why I'm interested in using the Migration utility.