Hi Folks,

I have a Windows 2003 server with Arcserve 11 installed onto it. An LTO tape changer is attached to the server. The server backs up about 15 servers, Windows and Netware, on a GIG backbone. The Netware servers are NW 6.5 SP6 or 6, at least 2 GB RAM. Some Netware servers are file/print and some are GroupWise. All servers are gig auto on a gig switch with ports set to auto.

The Netware servers are backed up much slower than Windows servers. Windows servers may report 500 MB/minute while Netware volumes may report 10 MB or less per minute.

I am looking for suggestions to optimize the backups. The Windows backup server does not have the Novell client installed onto it. The Netware servers running NWAGENT have not had any cache/buffer setting customized. I've used Novell optimization documents in the past for older versions of Netware, but I don't know if these apply to NW 6.5