My company migrated from Groupwise and Netware to Exchange and windows about 2 years ago. We have since discarded the equipment it was on. So now I need to recover some email from 3 years ago. I tried to rebuild another server using Netware 6 but the server had multiple problems especially concerning connectively issues with my Microsoft network. Anyway i was able to install Netware 6.5 (never used upgrade) and Groupwise 6.0, (which was in use before migrating). So I have Groupwise 6, Netware 6.5, a backup copy of my previous Post office directory, and domain. Have not found a backup of NDS. I do have a copy of the previous SYS directory, not sure what files I could use to graft a previous nds to my newly installed system.

I am lost on to proceed. I want to be able to restore past Groupwise stored email and put them into something I could use should such a situation occur in the future. Can anybody help?