I have a clustered instance of apache that runs just fine... bounces around to all my nodes just fine. The problem is that I have a secure site using a certificate from Thawte. When the service is running on the node it was at the time I created the NDSPKI Key material, everything is fine. But if I try to load it up on another node, apache fails to load trying to open the 443 secure port.

[crit] (10022)Unknown error: make_secure_socket: for port 443, WSAIoctl: (SO_SSL_SET_SERVER)
Configuration Failed

Now, when I intially created the PKI Key material, I had to choose a server for which to create it. Instead of choosing a physical node, I choose the apache cluster resource virtual server... thinking this would make it location independent. however, at the end of the process, it looks like it tied the pki material to the node that was hosting that resource at that moment.

How do i modify my SSL certificate objects so that all nodes can be included?