Hi, running SurfControl on a Windows server filtering users using BM38sp5.
SurfControl is version SP2.

The filtering is working fine, but we are having issues with user logging.
When I look at the real time monitor screen, it shows the various websites
that are being accessed, however under the "user" column, all it is showing
is the LAN address of the BM server. If a user bypasses the BM server then I
can see the actual eDirectory login ID.

The NW authentication servers have the SurfControl ini file which points to
the SC server, and in the SC setup"Enterprise User Monitoring" is enabled.
The NetWare servers have nwemu.nlm loaded.

I have also noticed in the SC setup that the Preferred Schema is set to
Windows, should this make a difference?

I'm thinking this may have something to do with how the port mirroring is
set up? Any tips appreciated.